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Our Mission 

Plan de construction II

Design studies

Design a structure that is relevant to the architectural project and in harmony with its environment.

Design Plan

Execution studies

Design a structure that is perfectly suited to local building methods and materials available in the region


Construction site monitoring

Assisting the team in charge of the building works to ensure that the work complies with the plans drawn up.

The design stage (preliminary design, final draft, consultation files)

We work, in collaboration with the team of architects, on the technical study of the structural lots, at the different stages of the project:

Our mission:

  • Determining the structural principles.

  • Defining and pre-dimensioning the main structures.

  • Identifying reinforcement sections and justifying structural stability.

  • Load distribution, drawings and sections.

  • Updating the file with feedback from the client.



  • Hypothesis note.

  • Load distribution on the foundations.

  • Formwork principle drawings/sections.

  • Reinforcement ratios of reinforced concrete elements.

En construction

The execution phase 

The EXECUTION STUDY carcass allows to define constructive principles for the realization of the work. The EUROCODES calculation makes it possible to optimize the structural elements, and thus to facilitate the construction work on the site.

Our mission:

  • Produce formwork execution drawings.

  • Produce reinforcement drawings for reinforced concrete elements.

  • Produce the calculation notes to justify wthe stability of the structure.


  • Calculation notes.

  • Updated hypothesis notes.

  • Updated formwork drawings.

  • Reinforcement drawings for structural elements, with complete steel nomenclature.

Construction site monitoring

A construction project requires meticulous organisation, monitoring and control of the construction site, in order to ensure the quality of the work.


This means complying with regulations, particularly in terms of building standards, but also working conditions, environment and safety.

What we do:​

Les techniciens au travail
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